Jul 26, 2014
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Tuesday's Council Meeting Live Coverage Update

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Tuesday's Council Meeting Live Coverage Update

We realize a number of people attempted to follow Tuesday's council meeting and were unable to do that. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. In an effort to remedy the problem we have pasted the transcript below and will have more complete stories on many of these items in the days ahead:


Adam Hochron: Township Engineer William Nunziato is first to give his report. said retention basins are being cleaned and repaired. There are 67 in the township that will be looked at. 8:03 Adam Hochron: Councilwoman Pauline Smith said cleaning is important to avoid problems from last year's storms including Hurricane Irene. 8:03 Adam Hochron: MRRSA will hold meeting on July 18 at 5:30 to review connection fees according to CFO Jeffre Fillieatreault 8:04 Adam Hochron: Latest update from MRRSA is had not finished calculations so they don't have figures about possible increase or decrease. 8:05 Adam Hochron: Helene Schlegel said the township will get the information out once rate determination is made. Councilman Rob Nicastro asked for a township representative to attend township's July 17 meeting. 8:06 Adam Hochron: Helene Schlegel said township will launch a new website on Saturday. residents will be able to create their own profile that will allow creation of individual dashboards for information 8:07 Adam Hochron: New features will be added over the next few months. 8:08 Adam Hochron: Municipal aggregation of electrical service is also discussed. become aware of a program used in other areas. towns act as buying agent for residents. That should allow "a more favorable electric supply rate," according to Schlegel 8:09 Adam Hochron: Schlegel asked to allow a presentation for the program. Mayor Walsh asked what makes this program different from others. Schlegel said it would "pool the whole town's electric." 8:12 Adam Hochron: Residents would not be required to be part of the program. Deputy Mayor Gotto said one thing he liked is that it's an "opt-out program" so everyone would be in it but could remove themselves. Compared it to discussions of solid waste pickup. 8:12 Adam Hochron: "Seems on paper like a win win in the pockets of the taxpayers" Gotto said 8:13 Adam Hochron: he added township wouldn't have to be "electricity police" 8:13 Adam Hochron: Schlegel said presentation would be good time to get feedback from the public. 8:14 Adam Hochron: "I think it's thinking a little bit outside the box which sometimes makes me a little nervous." Gotto said. added could be an opportunity to increase the revenue stream. 8:17 Adam Hochron: Paperwork for township camps will be sent electronically as a way to save paper 8:18 Adam Hochron: Howell Day is Saturday July 7 at Oak Glen Park starting at 2 pm. will feature watermelon eating contest. the Nerds will be performing. concluing with movie in the park ET. Shuttle buses will be provided. 8:23 Adam Hochron: Councilwoman Pauline Smith asked if money from the basin fund was being used to check and repair the retention basins. Schlegel said it was. 8:25 Adam Hochron: Deputy Mayor William Gotto asked about cooling stations. Schlegel said there is nothing at this point. "It is not determined to be dangerous ro the level that OEM feels we would be at cooling centers." she said. she added if needed they can be "turned on in no time" including senior center and library. 8:26 Adam Hochron: Mayor Robert Walsh said he is proud of the way the community comes together in times of need. Schlegel said she will be talking to OEM director Ron Sanasac in the morning about their plans. 8:28 Adam Hochron: Deputy Mayor William Gotto encouraged residents to again sign up for emergency alerts so they can find out the latest information should the heat become an issue. 
https://cne.coderedweb.com/Default.aspx?groupid=SMyfytGJR3%2b2foqJ4Froew%3d%3d8:31 Adam Hochron:  http://www.twp.howell.nj.us/content/2059/default.aspx8:33 Adam Hochron: Attorney Todd Cohen is now making a presentation about the township "vacating" Remington Court in the Boulder at Eagle Oaks development 8:34 Adam Hochron: that would allow developer to maintain the roads and the basins rather than the township. 8:38 Adam Hochron: Planning board member Evelyn O'Donnell asked a question about the appointment of the municipal magistrate. asked if it was required to be a three year term. Township Attorney McKenna Kingdon said there is a bill up for debate that could lower that term in the future. The current contract would override that new law. 8:41 Adam Hochron: Judge Michael Pugliese was unanimously voted to fill the position. 8:45 Adam Hochron: Representative from JCP&L at the meeting. talking about changes in the company. Area Manager of External Affairs. 8:46 Adam Hochron: improvements made include refurbishing website. 24/7 power center. customers can report power outage and streetlight outage https://www.firstenergycorp.com/content/customer/jersey_central_power_light.html8:46 Adam Hochron: social media Twitter and Youtube as 8:48 Adam Hochron: They call the electronic toll free number 8:48 Adam Hochron: resources to draw from to help from states including PA, MD, Ohio and others. 8:50 Adam Hochron: The number is 1-888-lightss (1-800-544-4877) 8:51 Adam Hochron: What's important to us now what we're looking for is primary people in community that we can contact. With power outages there are some phone systems that require electric. It's important our customers call us. JCP&L guy said. 8:54 Adam Hochron: Nicastro talked about Howell being a tree populated community. asked about pruning project that is underway now. representative Said it's on a four year cycle. First phase is done from Farmingdale to Howell. 110 new poles. 34000 volt system needs improvement. 
Next phase runs from Farmingdale to Laramie on Randolph Rd. Then to Tinton Fals. $8 million project. Next phase 210 poles. talked about temporary storage until project starts. 8:55 Adam Hochron:  8:56 Adam Hochron: For those people not on list for emergency energy. doesn't mean get to them immediately will do their best to reach out to them especially if outages last more than 24 hours. Make arrangements or know about shelters. "doing everything in our power to avoid what happened in 2011." 8:57 Adam Hochron: Gotto suggest meeting with Joint Fire Bureau, Councilman Nicastro added senior services and other township organizations. 8:57 Adam Hochron: including OEM 8:59 Adam Hochron: Old Ardena Schoolhouse will be open for Howell Day right across the street from Oak Glen Park. 8:59 Adam Hochron: Thank you very much for tuning in. The meeting is now over!

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