Jul 29, 2014
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Jefferson Youth Football Donates to Sandy Victims

Team gives blankets they received as presents at the end of their season to the Senior Center.

Jefferson Youth Football Donates to Sandy Victims Jefferson Youth Football Donates to Sandy Victims Jefferson Youth Football Donates to Sandy Victims

If there was one positive thing to come from the devastation of Superstorm Sandy, it was the sense of community that was brought together by neighbors. 

No matter the age, residents helped each other out in a time when it was needed most. 

The fifth-graders on the Jefferson Falcons Super Pee Wee Football Team were a prime example of this, when they donated their brand new blankets they had just received at their last game to one of the comfort centers.

Team mom Sabrina Pugsley said all 16 team members donated their blankets to the Senior Center that they received as an end-of-the-season present.

"It was really heartwarming to have them do it collectively," Pugsley said. "At 10 years old, they don't really need to think that way but they all did, and we were all really excited to do it."

Pugsley said the boys had just received their blankets the Saturday before Sandy right after their last game. Once the storm hit, Pugsley said she reached out to all parents to try to find out how to help residents.

"We were trying to collectively come up with an idea to help out in a way, and the idea came up that they have these blankets so the whole team decided to donate them," she said.

Although the team members lost power themselves, and some even had homes destroyed by trees, Pugsley said the families decided to donate them because they felt "they were not as much in need as other families."

Pugsley said once she made her way to the Senior Center with all the blankets, the CERT volunteers were very "happy and surprised" to see the donation.

"We could not be more proud of them," Pugsley said.

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