Jul 26, 2014

Letter: Lacey Still Has Needs

Local resident coordinates some efforts to generate community involvement

Letter: Lacey Still Has Needs

To the editor:

I was at the United Methodist Church on Sunday making a donation and to discuss their needs. I am hoping to coordinate some efforts to generate some much needed community involvement as our township continues to have victims of Hurricane Sandy. There are so many people who have contributed and others who have worked non-stop since the day of the storm. Every effort is so greatly appreciated. 

I know there are many wonderful, caring people in Lacey of all ages who would still like to help but are unaware of the exact needs and what their role can be in helping the local victims of this devastating storm. I have outlined some points that I believe the residence of Lacey need to know. There is a general perception that when the power was restored that most everyone was getting on with their lives. Sadly, this is not the case.

What you should know:

Many families in Lacey are still suffering from Hurricane Sandy and it will take months to rebuild their lives.

Many homes were destroyed or left unsafe leaving residence homeless.

Some homes have power and heat but essential appliances and many household items were destroyed leaving families dependent on others for support.

Many families need assistance in removing debris at their home sites. Some elderly cannot attend to these matters and have no financial means to support doing so.

The United Methodist Church is open 24 hours a day to any person in need since the storm. They have served the hungry well over 1,500 meals in a day. They have offered much needed supplies to people who lost everything. They offer showers, laundry facilities and hot meals, food delivery and a food pantry.

What you can do:

The United Methodist Church has generously served as the main shelter for Lacey Township. Their limited volunteer staff has helped coordinate the operations at the church as well as support  the homeowners.

Stop by the church. Ask for Pastor Linda and offer to volunteer. She stated she will not turn anyone away.

You can donate cooked meals to be served or sandwiches.

You can donate packaged food, toiletries, OTC medicines and supplies.

You can donate any talent or service that can assist any person in need or the support the church staff.

You can donate financially. This small church has taken on a huge role of helping our community. They have to pay an exorbitant water and electric bill for the 24 hour a day service they are providing to our community. They need our help. Remember, there was no other 24 hr shelter in Lacey. This support is easy. Place your donation in a stamped envelope addressed to: Lacey United Methodist Church, 203 Lacey Rd, Forked River, NJ, 08731 and put in your mailbox for mail pick up.

Lastly, I ask that you pay it forward. If you were helped or spared from this storm, please help another person who is still in need.    

Thank you for keeping our community informed of the relief efforts here in Lacey.


Judi Wolansky

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