Jul 27, 2014

Two Sight-Impaired Kitty Sisters Need A Home Together

Two Sight-Impaired Kitty Sisters Need A Home Together
From Associated Humane Societies Popcorn Park:

Brenda and Sharyn would like to wish all of you a very Happy Easter, and also let you know that they are still looking for a home of their own.

These beautiful sisters are Brenda and Sharyn, two lovely ladies that are about seven years old and came to us in need of some TLC.

Brenda, a brown tabby, and Sharyn, white with stripes, were left on someones front porch in the city by someone that could obviously no longer care for them. Besides needing basic medical care, both girls were suffering terribly with ocular disease which required surgery. They both pulled through their procedures like little troopers.

Sharyn had extensive damage to her eyes from a condition that was left untreated, so she has limited sight. Brenda, unfortunately, had to have her eyes removed. Both are so happy now and are just loving life.

The girls are so sweet and easy going. Brenda is very outgoing and loves everyone while Sharyn is a little more reserved, but is very sweet and lovable. They stay in our offices now where we spoil them silly, but we would love for the girls to get a great home of their own, together.

They would prefer a quiet, loving home without a lot of commotion, where they could spend their days snoozing and relaxing. A home with no small children, and only relaxed, well behaved pets would be best. Please give our beautiful ladies the fantastic home that they've been dreaming of!

Adoption Information:
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