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Zoning Board Agenda, Dec. 3

Return to Lacey Patch at 7 p.m. for live coverage

Zoning Board Agenda, Dec. 3

The Zoning Board of Adjustment will be meeting at the Municipal Building at 7 p.m. Return to Lacey Patch then for live coverage.

Below is the agenda:

7:00 p.m., Public Portion

Salute the Flag

Roll Call

Vouchers Submitted By:  

Thomas Gannon, Board Attorney, James McKelvie, Board Engineer, Susan Connor, Board Secretary


Minutes to be voted upon: October 1st, 2012– Regular Meeting
(Members Eligible to vote: Bradley, Gudgeon, Moore, Vena, DeNicola, Scanlon, McDonald)

Resolutions Memorializing Actions Taken at the October Board of Adjustment meeting to be voted upon: None. 


Appeal #12-21                                   
Demolition/ Reconstruct New Single Family Dwelling, Hot Tub, AC Units, Existing Shed
Variances:  Insufficient Lot Area, Insufficient Lot Width, Lot Frontage Waterfront Setback,
Front, Side & Rear Yard Setbacks, Accessory Use in front yard
Block: 182, Lot: 1, Tax Map: 4             
1206 Koa Drive, Forked River         
Prepared by: East Coast Engineering     
Submitted by: David & Sharon Petty 

New Business:

Appeal #12-09
Legalize Four (4) Existing Buildings
Preliminary & Final Major Site Plan w/ Use Variance
Variances: Expansion of a Non-Conforming Use
Block: 2850, Lot: 1, Tax Map: 106                           
2843 Lacey Road, Forked River
Prepared by: Birdsall Services Group                        
Submitted by: Byran Bittner

Appeal #12-19
Using Existing Sign for Off-Site Advertising
Variances:  Use Variance                               
Block: 1861, Lot: 13-28, Tax Map: 72   
1044 Lacey Road, Forked River                
Submitted by: The Ocean Commercial Group

Appeal #12-20
Adding Additional Signage to an Existing Sign which will be used for Off- Site Advertising
Variances:  Use Variance – Bulk Variance for Square Footage of Sign
Block: 230, Lot: 13-17, Tax Map: 16     
329 South Main Street, Forked River       
Submitted by: Cypress Communities, LLC

Appeal #12-22/#12-SP-07         
Amended Minor Site Plan – Signage
Variances: Bulk Variance for additional Sign
Block: 281, Lot: 1.01 & 18 Tm: 18                 
Route #9 & Lacey Road, Forked River     
Submitted by Donato D. D'Onofrio

Appeal #12-23
Demolish/Rebuild New Single Family Dwelling
Variances: Insufficient lot area, Insufficient lot width, Waterfront setback
Block: 183, Lot: 9, Tax Map: 9
1304 Molokai Drive, Forked River
Prepared by: East Coast Engineering
Submitted by: Timothy and LeeAnn Rooney  

Appeal #12-24                                   
Addition to an Existing Dwelling
Variances:  Front, Rear & Side Yard Setbacks, Total Side Yard Combination
Block: 366, Lot: 17, Tax Map: 3.01                
821 Windward Drive, Forked River  
Submitted by: Joseph Vizzone 

Appeal #12-25                                   
New Single Family Dwelling
Variances:  Lot Width, Lot Frontage
Block: 101.02, Lot: 17, Tax Map: 3.01
1217 Borealis Court, Forked River
Prepared by: Professional Design Service, LLC
Submitted by: William Murphy

Respectfully Submitted
Susan Connor, Administrative Secretary DCD
Lacey Township Zoning/Planning Board   

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