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Lawrence Students Invited to Enter Science & Engineering Fair

Parent volunteers are needed.

Lawrence Students Invited to Enter Science & Engineering Fair

Lawrence Intermediate School will host a Science & Engineering Fair on Saturday, February 22. Its open to all Lawrence Township public school students in grades 4-8

What is a Science & Engineering Fair?

First, and foremost, its is a place to have fun. It is an opportunity to ask a question, make a plan to answer the question, carry out the plan, review and analyze the outcome (data) and present your project and findings to your classmates (in poster form). This should be a fun experience and an opportunity to explore ideas that interest you most.

Who can enter?

All Lawrence Township Public School Students in grades 4-8. That includes everyone at the Intermediate and Middle Schools.

What kind of projects can/should I do?

Using the scientific method, you can explore the questions and field that interest YOU most. An information packet with resources and ideas to help get you started will be e-mailed to you once you register. If you would like to review some student projects, please contact Ms. Heller at LIS, your science teacher at LMS, the librarians at your school library, or the Lawrence branch of the Mercer County Library.

How is the Fair organized? Will there be prizes and winners?

Projects submitted to the fair are organized by Grade Level. Judges (from outside the schools) will review all projects and interview you about your work. Prizes will be given for each grade. Remember, the Fair is all about having fun and creating some cool projects. LMS students will also win House Points for their participation.

Is there a fee to enter?

No. The Fair is completely free. Projects should use items and materials found around the house and should not require expensive supplies.

How do you register?

Registration is online on the LIS and LMS homepages on the LTPS website ( www.ltps.org). Registration is open until January 28, 2013.

Can I enter with a partner?

Yes. You may work with one partner. Please note: if you choose to work with a partner, you will not be able to enter your project in the Mercer Science and Engineering Fair ( http://www.mercersec.org). All Lawrence students can enter the Mercer County S&E Fair, regardless of whether they win a prize in Lawrence.

What is the schedule?

Projects should be dropped off to the LIS gym on Friday night, Feb. 22 anytime between 7 and 8:30 p.m.. During drop-off, each student will be assigned an interview time for Saturday (between 1 and 3 p.m.). You must be present for your interview and should plan to be lined up outside of the gym 15 minutes before the assigned time. From 1:30-3:30 p.m. on Saturday, the cafeteria will be filled with fun, hands-on scientific demonstrations led by local scientists and students. The awards ceremony will begin at 3:45 p.m. You are responsible for bringing your poster home after the Fair.

When can visitors to the fair see my project?

Projects can be viewed on Friday night during poster drop off (7-8:30 p.m.) or on Saturday after the judges are finished (around 3:30 p.m.). The poster area will be CLOSED to all visitors on Saturday during interviews & judging. 

Parent volunteers are needed. 

For general information or to volunteer, contact:

  • Darby McChesney, 219-9148, mdmcchesney@comcast.net 
  • Paul Lobben, 895-2663, paullobben@verizon.net
  • Jessica Heller, 671-5530, jheller@ltps.org

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