Jul 29, 2014
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Revised Calendar for Little Silver Schools Set

The district needs to make up six days lost to Sandy and push the year's marking periods back two weeks.

Revised Calendar for Little Silver Schools Set

The Little Silver Board of Education has had to chip away at the school calendar to make up days missed following Hurricane Sandy.

While students missed a total of 10 days following the storm, only six of those days still need to be made up as two of the days were already allotted as days off for the annual teachers' convention and two days are built into the district calendar for snow days.

The board agreed at its Nov. 14 meeting to eliminate a total of eight days originally allotted as time off; reinstating two if emergency days are not used by spring break.

"It's only November," said Dr. Carolyn Kossack, the district's superintendent. "I want to keep two emergency days in case we need to tack them on."

Kossack said she worked closely with superintendents from Red Bank Regional and its sending districts to try to craft similar calendars.

The revised calendar will eliminate the following days off and tack one day onto the end of the school year:

  • Monday, Jan. 21 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday)
  • Friday, Feb. 15 (Presidents' Break)
  • Monday, Feb. 18 (Presidents' Break)
  • Monday, March 25 (Spring Break)
  • Tuesday, March 26 (Spring Break)
  • Wednesday, March 27 (Spring Break)
  • Monday, April 1 (Spring Break)
  • Friday, June 21 (Graduation remains June 20)

If no emergency days are used, Kossack said the first day off to be reinstated would be March 27 and the second give back would be March 26 to extend spring break.

Marking periods for the year have been pushed back two weeks, said Kossack. The first marking period will now end Nov. 28 and report cards will be sent home Dec. 5.

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