Jul 27, 2014
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There's a Hole in the Barn Roof, Dear Borough

Little Silver officials work toward a significant restoration of the three barns on the Parker Homestead property, and discuss how to patch holes in one roof in the meantime.

There's a Hole in the Barn Roof, Dear Borough

While the Parker Homestead Committee is slowly moving forward with executing longterm plans to refurbish sagging barns on the property, like getting the borough to authorize a $250,000 grant to finance the project, the short term fixes are more vexing.

Four members of the committee attended the Little Silver Borough Council's workshop meeting on Monday to discuss the open space county grant that, with the borough's matching portion, would fund the estimated $500,000 needed to fix up the three barns on the historically-designated property.

In the meantime, a second hole has developed in the roof of one of the structures and committee members are trying to determine the best way to stem the issue until funds are made available for a new roof. Committee members on hand at the meeting were committee chairman Monte Edwards, Rosemary Brewer, Keith Wells and Chester Apy.

The merits of placing a tarp over the holes was discussed at the meeting, and all agreed that the borough engineer should survey the damage and weigh in before any decisions were made.

"You're two months away from snow," said Apy.

Read all about the history of Parker Homestead and plans for its continued renovation on the committee's Web site.

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