23 Aug 2014
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Livingston at 200: There’s an App for That

For the Bicentennial, NJIT students are designing computer games to virtually explore the town's history.

Livingston at 200: There’s an App for That

Wondering about Livingston's role in the Civil War? There's (soon to be) an app for that. 

Looking for the Top 25 historic sites in town? Yup, there's (soon to be) an app for that, too. 

Livingston at 200, the township's yearlong observation of its bicentennial, is about to jump into the digital age.


Chris Bickel, Supervisor of Social Studies at Livingston Public School, is mentoring three NJIT students who are developing web-based/interactive games for Livingston second graders to learn more about the history of the township.  

The second grade social studies curriculum is set up for students to explore their town, the past and present, and the bicentennial dovetails nicely with lessons going on in the classroom, Bickel says.


Already the second graders have created a giant timeline of historic events, which will be included in an exhibit at the Livingston Senior and Community Center.


The NJIT students -- Vincenzo Carrino (an LHS graduate), Dhaman Mehta, and Russel Johnson -- selected the education project for their Capstone.

Over the course of this semester, the students will design a computer game is called "Living with 'Soul' in Livingston" that documents Livingston's role has a major supplier of shoes for Civil War soldiers.

There will also be an interactive timeline that features the illustrations by this year's second graders, and a bingo game on mobile web devices to explore outdoors historic, recreational and communal spots in town, plus an interactive trivia question of the day. 

Prototypes are expected to be available online beginning in March.

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