23 Aug 2014
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Letter: 'Send a Message, Vote For Larsen'

Resident says political newcomer can help taxpayers.

Letter: 'Send a Message, Vote For Larsen'


The majority of jobs created in America today come from small business entrepreneurs, but these small businesses remain suffocated by the burdens of taxes, regulations to comply with cap and trade, and a lack of commercial lending. Cap and trade will cause electricity rates to necessarily skyrocket.

Under the Obama Administration there has been a concerted effort to attack American industry. Every major corporation, from Boeing to Intel to Gibson Guitar to oil companies and the health care sector as a whole have been harassed by Obama Czars, the Justice Department, and other federal agencies.

The biggest suppressant of job creation in America today is the specter of Obama-care and its multitude of new mandates and burdens placed on employers large and small. Barack Obama has been successful garnering support for these job-killing policies from a few Republican Congressmen such as Leonard Lance, who supported a devastating tax hike and a mountain of regulation to New Jersey businesses when he voted for cap and trade. Lance also voted with Obama to raise the debt ceiling to the tune of 2.1 trillion dollars to fund Obama-care in August 2011.

With small businesses not looking to hire new workers and potential health-care cost skyrocketing, 2012 looms as America's most defining election in modern history. Not only do we have the opportunity to elect a new president. It's imperative that we elect a Congressman who will vote to reverse Obama-care and spur job growth. Conservative Republican David Larsen, challenging incumbent Congressman Leonard Lance in the newly formed 7th district will not vote with Barack Obama.

David Larsen, business owner and entrepreneur, wants to clear the way for all Americans to realize their dream of business entrepreneurship. If you're concerned about the economy and the burdens placed on your business by the Obama administration, send a message to Washington, support David Larsen for congress.

Thomas Lotito
Pleasant Grove Road
Washington Township 

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