Jul 29, 2014

What Should Go Here: Patriots Plaza Open Lot

Recently developed area has space available.

What Should Go Here: Patriots Plaza Open Lot What Should Go Here: Patriots Plaza Open Lot

Rather than asking readers what they'd like to see inserted into an existing business space, this week's What Should Go Here column is allowing readers to use more of their imagination. 

On Rt. 46 in the Hackettstown portion of Washington Township, just across the street from the Target Department store and a newly-constructed is an open plot of land with no signs of construction being made.

The property backs up to a portion of the Peachtree Village apartment complex, and neighbors the Patriots Plaza medical facility. Inside the Plaza are two businesses leaving very soon– and Pietro's Villa. 

So, Long Valley Patch readers, now is your chance. Be creative. Tell us what should be built (if anything at all), from scratch, and why.

Maybe a big-time restaurant? Maybe a recreation center, like a bowling alley or billiards hall? Are you looking for some kind of retail to complement Target, like a food store or electronics outlet?

Tell us about it!

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