Jul 30, 2014
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Madison Students Outperform Peers on Most State Tests

Board of Ed reviewed AP, SAT, NJASK/HSPA results.

Madison Students Outperform Peers on Most State Tests
The Madison school district's new director of curriculum and instruction presented standardized test results Tuesday that showed Madison students outperformed their peers in comparable districts on most standardized tests.

Madison's scores were compared to the state average and the average for the "I" district factor group, which consists of similar districts grouped by the state for comparison purposes.

Mingle gave a summary of the results:
  • Madison students outperform their peers in DFG “I” districts on 11 out of 15 (73%) NJASK/HSPA tests.
  • Madison students outperform the NJ mean in all areas of the SAT.
  • Madison students outperform the national cohort in all AP areas.
  • Madison schools met 13 out of 15 (87%) of state performance targets in 2011-12.
You can see a slideshow presentation of the results on the district's website.

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