Jul 29, 2014

Roses, Award Presented to Fox Attack Victims

John Hamilton received the Mayor's Award for heroic effort and Caroline Malia, who graduates from FDU Tuesday, was given roses.

Roses, Award Presented to Fox Attack Victims Roses, Award Presented to Fox Attack Victims Roses, Award Presented to Fox Attack Victims

Caroline Malia, the Fairleigh Dickinson University student who was attacked by a rabid fox less than two weeks ago, and John Hamilton, the next-door neighbor who ran outside and grabbed the fox by the neck to get the fox off of her, were recognized at the Borough Council meeting on Monday.

Mayor Bob Conley presented Hamilton with the Mayor's Award "for heroic effort on behalf of the residents of Madison" and Malia was given roses. Malia graduates from FDU Tuesday. Her family from New Hampshire is in New Jersey for the graduation and they were at the presentation on Monday at .

Malia and Hamilton said they are doing well and are due to receive their last round of rabies shots Thursday.

Conley said the incident was a matter of being in wrong place at the wrong time for the recipients, but also of being in the right place to ensure no other Madison residents were injured, possibly worse than they were.

The fox bit Hamilton after he grabbed it and Hamilton then threw the fox hard against a car. After the fox did not get back up, he and Malia ran inside. Madison police responded and shot the fox.

The fox attacked Malia as she . She was going to visit the child one last time before leaving to finish up the school year.

The animal attacked her legs. After the incident, she credited her sweatpants and Hamilton for saving her from being injured worse than she was. She said she was grateful the fox attacked her and not one of the many children who live on the street and often play outside.

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