I never speed, I pull over when I need to talk on the phone I all ways wear my seat belt .SAT , mid day on my way home driving west on Pine Brook Rd just coming up to arrow wood rd Covered Bridge I  see a car coming straight at me on my side of the road I tried real hard not to get hit head on and turned to the right he hit me in the center of were my two doors come together. Out come,s a 90 year old man  in need of a walker  and starts yelling at me I hit his car I came from the sky his words. after the MANALAPAN P/D did there reports. They P/D let him drive home leaking antifreeze down the road ????. My car was kidnapped by the p/d and I was not allowed to  drive mine leaking nothing . There reason my door would not open. Then it took 45 minutes for THERE tow company to appear. I know you are allowed only a specific amount of time to reach the accident. Late your out call another. HE WAS VERY LATE. EVEN THOUGH HE TOLD ME HE HAS 25 TRUCKS.I wanted my car to be towed to my gas station which was less than a mile. I tried to give my credit card? CASH ONLY!! I borrowed money from a friend to pay for MY CAR 115.00. THIS TOW SHOULD HAVE BEEN AT MOST 65 BUCKS. MOTHER,S TOW COMY WAS TWO MINUTES AWAY. IF I CALLED HIM I WOULD HAVE BEEN GONE WITHIN MINUTES. THE TOW COMPANY NEVER GAVE ME A RECIPT .TOOK THE MONEY AND WAS GONE I WAS YELLING FOR HIM BUT HE GOT HIS MONEY, GONE I WANT MT RECIPT!!!! YOU HAD BETTER BRING IT TO ME MR D. I WANT TO KNOW WHY I WAS DENIED THE RIGHT TO CALL WHO I WANTED TO TRANSPORT MY CAR . THEY TOLD ME NO MORE THAN ONE TIME I COULD NOT. I WAS  SO UPSET I DID NOTHING THIS IS NOT RIGHT AT ALL

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