23 Aug 2014
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How Patchy Are You Manalapan?

Here are tips for all our readers - whether they're new to Patch or totally Patched in.

How Patchy Are You Manalapan? How Patchy Are You Manalapan?

Over the past year-and-a-half, Manalapan Patch has become an integral part of the community, and we’re adding new readers every day. You already know you can come here for in-depth, comprehensive local news—but do you know all of the ways to take full advantage of Manalapan Patch?

Patch is so much more than a local news website - it is a community destination. Whether you are looking for up-to-date traffic information, you want to find out what is happening in this year's election, or you want to share a cool photo you took, Patch is where you can do it. From blogs to breaking news alerts to and much, much, more - here are 13 ways for every savvy Patch reader to get involved.

1. Get a daily digest of news and information

We understand, you’re busy. You may not have time to click on Patch several times a day (although we think it’s definitely worth it.) Get your daily news in a digest form with our emailed newsletters. Sent out every morning, the newsletter gives you the morning news, weather, Patch Deal of the Day, community events and much more. To sign up, click here.

2. Find and share local events

When is the next government meeting coming up? How about wine tasting, charity event or concert? You’ll find it all on our Events page. Search by category or by day for what you’re interested in. Don’t be shy! Share your event with your neighbors. On the Events page, click on “add an event,” fill out the required fields and presto! Instant connection with your neighbors.

3. Let us know what you think, part 1

There are a lot of serious issues going on in town and our readers are not shy about sharing their opinions. Put those opinions into words and write us a letter to the editor. Email your letter to Local Editor Katrina Rossos, katrina.rossos@patch.com, and she’ll take it from there.

4. Let us know what you think, part 2

Remember that part about Patch readers not being shy? That much is clear from the lively back-and-forth in the comments sections. Log on to share your views on any article we publish (just remember to abide by our Terms of Service.) Want to take it a step further? Consider blogging on Freehold Patch. If you have something to say about town issues, we’re the place to blog.

5. Spread the word! Get a Patch Widget

If you love Patch, the greatest compliment you can give us is sharing it with your neighbor. Do you have a local website or blog? You can add our widget to your site. Here is a picture of it and the code.

6. Share your news

Are you getting married? Having a baby? Perhaps you want to share an obituary with the community, thank your neighbors or brag a bit about your child’s award. Do it all for free in our section. Click on Announcements under the “News” drop down menu and announce away.

7. Get your news and information on the go

It’s an app-happy world and we’re just living in it. Luckily, Patch goes everywhere your phone does. We have free apps for iPhones and Androids. The iPhone version gives access to news, photos, the business listings and more. The Android app, called Patch Places, is a full list of the businesses in your area. You can change your location on the apps when you’re traveling to give you the best local information from our nationwide Patch network.

8. Share, share, share

Do you have a news tip? Or a photo or video that would make a story better? Patch makes it easy for readers to get involved by sharing their knowledge. Contact your local editor ( katrina.rossos@patch.com) for any news tips or story ideas—we want to hear from you. You can also upload your own photos and videos to any story by clicking on “add your photos & videos” under the main picture. Let us know what’s happening in the shot by adding a caption.

Photos and videos don't have to be added to an already existing story. Did you capture the game-winning touchdown at the high school game? Did you decorate your home for Halloween? Always feel free to email photos, videos and press releases to katrina.rossos@patch.com. Or, go ahead and upload them yourself!

9. Find, review and follow local businesses

Does Fido need a shampoo? Do you need a shampoo? From pet salons to human salons, restaurants, mechanics and more, our directory has Freehold businesses galore. Don’t forget to rate your experience after you visit a local merchant. Plus, you can follow your favorite businesses in town, and you’ll be notified every time they’re mentioned in a Patch story, whether that means a profile of the establishment or special deals we find.

10. Claim your business listing

This one is just for the business owners out there. We strive to list every Manalapan business in our directory. You can claim your listing and add more photos, update details and so on. Just fill out the “Claim It” form on your business’ listing. Here are more in-depth instructions.

11. Advertise with us—you too, nonprofits!

While we’re on a business kick, we’d be remiss not to mention advertising opportunities on Patch. This goes for local businesses of course, but candidates for political office, theaters and other groups also may want to consider advertising on Patch. Patch also has a deal to provide free ads to qualifying nonprofits. Contact David Rosado at david.rosado@patch.com, for all advertising information.

12. Volunteer

Did you know the idea for Patch first sprang from one of our founders’ difficulty in finding local volunteer opportunities? Volunteerism—participating in it and supporting it—is vital to Patch’s business values. We feature local volunteers who give back to their community, plus we give back as well—each Patch employee volunteers a minimum five days per year in our local communities. You can find volunteer opportunities or post volunteer needed announcements under the “Volunteer” section on the top banner.

13. Stay connected with Patch

Our Facebook and Twitter pages have the latest Freehold news. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @ManalapanPatch  to stay in the know.

There you have it, 13 ways to maximize your experience with Patch. Any questions? Always feel free to contact your local editor.

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