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Lafayette Mills School January Highlights

Check out the school's highlights from January 2013.

Lafayette Mills School January Highlights

The following highlights are submitted by Irene Policastro, the Secretary to Superintendent John J. Marciante of the Manalapan-Englishtown Regional School District.

National Geographic Bee

Our annual National Geographic Bee was held on January 7, 2013. The fourth and fifth grade students competed in this challenging competition. The students answered questions related to regional, national, and world geography. Parent visitors where afforded the opportunity to observe their children compete.

Lafayette Mills PTA Movie Night for Grades 3-5

The students at Lafayette Mills enjoyed Diary of a Wimpy Kid on Friday, January 11, 2013. I would like to thank the PTA parent volunteers, students and the following teachers for participating in the event: Michele Avidon, Janice Brown, Katharine Fanneron, Danielle Lilonsky, Kelly Turner, Margaret Pierciey, Jill Cooperman, Christina Santorelli.

9-1-1 Assembly

First graders were provided a classroom-based assembly on January 15, 2013 on how and when to use 911. Representatives from the Monmouth County Prosecutors office provided this important educational experience for our students.


The STARLAB was used as part of a third grade curriculum-based activity on January 17 and January18, 2013. Students focused on the following objectives during their work with the STARLAB.
This resulted in the following two activities being conducted by our third grade teachers. The lead teachers for our STARLAB activities were Mrs. Schulz and Mr. Gandelman. Many thanks to Mrs. Schulz and Mr. Gandelman for their continued support of our curriculum and developing a minds-on, hands-on experience for our students.

Book Fair

The Lafayette Mills Book Fair was held January 21 – 25, 2013. This event afforded each student the opportunity to purchase books from Scholastic Inc. We would like to thank the Lafayette Mills PTA for their continued support.

PTA Bowling

On Sunday, January 27, 2013 the Lafayette Mills PTA hosted a family bowling event at Knob Hill Country Lanes. Students that achieved a score surpassing the Principal’s score earned a certificate and were recognized on Monday via LMTV. Thank you to Mrs. Gross for arranging this enjoyable event. In addition, thank you to Mrs. Schleifstein and Mrs. Christie who were both in attendance.

Seeing Eye Dog Assembly for Grades 2 and 4

On Friday, January 28, 2013 grades two and four students learned how Seeing Eye dogs are raised and trained for legally blind individuals. Students were able to observe the dog handler and subsequently ask questions. The students and teachers enjoyed the presentation and appreciated the amount of freedom a blind person gains with a service dog.
January 31, 2013

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