23 Aug 2014
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New Jersey Assembly Votes to Pass Home Fire Sprinkler Legislation

Trenton, N.J. (July 1, 2014) –The New Jersey Assembly voted to pass bill A1698, which  would require the installation of fire sprinkler systems in newly constructed one and two-family homes in the state of New Jersey on June 26, 2014.. The bill, otherwise known as the “New Home Fire Safety Act,” was passed by a vote of 46-31 with one abstention.

“The New Home Fire Safety Act” aims to reduce the lives and property lost by fire each year in New Jersey. According to estimates from the United States Fire Administration, New Jersey has lost 43 residents to fire already in 2014. This figure does not account for those who have been seriously injured and those who have lost their homes and all of their belongings to the ravages of fire.

Identical bills to “The New Home Fire Safety Act” passed the New Jersey Senate and Assembly last session before being pocket vetoed by Governor Christie due to inaction. After receiving full bipartisan support in the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee in March, 2014 with a 6-0 vote for, and passing the Assembly early in the session, the bill is garnering the support of the New Jersey Legislature.

“The New Jersey Assembly has heard the arguments for and against the installation of fire sprinkler systems in newly constructed homes and have overwhelmingly supported the effort to ensure that new homes meet the minimum life safety code to keep resident safe from fire,” said David Kurasz, Executive Director of the New Jersey Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board. “We continue to gain support for this important life safety issue as residents and legislators become fully educated on the benefits and true cost of residential fire sprinkler systems. We are optimistic that this bill will be passed through the Senate quickly enough to ensure that Governor Christie will be required to make a decision on this important public safety issue.

For more information on residential fire sprinkler legislation or to learn more about how to protect yourself and loved ones from the dangers of fire and the life saving benefits of residential fire sprinklers visit  www.njfsab.org.


The New Jersey Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board (NJFSAB) is a cooperative partnership advocating installation and proper care of fire sprinkler systems as a highly effective means of helping save lives and property.  Headquartered in North Brunswick, N.J., the Board is comprised of local leaders, contractors, businesses and unionized personnel representing fire sprinkler construction, production, distribution and installation. Visit  www.njfsab.org

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