23 Aug 2014
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Police: Man Demanded Money, Then Threatened to Blow Up Wall Store

No explosive devices were found in either the K-Mart or Walmart stores in Brick, police say

Police: Man Demanded Money, Then Threatened to Blow Up Wall Store
The bomb threat that led to an evacuation of two big box stores in Brick, and another in Wall, on Wednesday was made by a man who demanded money from a store clerk.

Police were first called to the Brick K-Mart store around 6 p.m., where store management told officers that a man called and demanded money be sent to him in the form of Green Dot cash cards, according to Sgt. Henry Drew.

The man also told store personnel that there were several bombs located throughout the store, Drew said. By that time, police in Wall Township were responding to a similar threat at a K-Mart store there.

After evacuating customers and staff, the K-Mart in Brick was checked for explosives by bomb sniffing K9s from the Ocean County Sheriff's Department with no bombs being detected, Drew said.

Just as the check of the K-Mart store was ending, Drew said, police received a call from the Brick Walmart store saying a similar threat had been called in there.

"Again, the caller indicated that he wanted a transfer of Green Dot cash cards or he was going to blow up the store," said Drew.

Like the K-Mart store, Walmart was checked for explosives by bomb sniffing dogs and personnel from several law enforcement agencies and was eventually determined to be clear of any explosive devices.

In addition to the police and sheriff's departments, New Jersey State Police, the New Jersey SPCA, Brick Township Police EMS, and the Laurelton Fire Company all responded, Drew said.

The investigation as to the origination of these calls is ongoing, Drew said.

Anyone who believes they may have information is being asked to call Detective Kenneth Steinberg in the Brick Township Police Detective Bureau at 732-262-1113. They can also contact the Brick Township Police Department directly at 732-262-1100.

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