Jul 29, 2014
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Lakehurst to Investigate Lot Creation Near Lake Horicon

Redevelopment agency authorized zoning officer to investigate lot creation

Lakehurst to Investigate Lot Creation Near Lake Horicon Lakehurst to Investigate Lot Creation Near Lake Horicon

Lakehurst's redevelopment agency will allow the borough zoning officer to investigate whether some land near can be turned into lots and sold off. 

"There's always been something that's been on my mind, where we could create some lots by the lake," said zoning officer Danny Barker at February regular meeting last week. "It would be revenue."

Barker said it is possible that 260 feet of frontage on the corner of Union Avenue and Lake Street, across from the borough's board of education office, could be subdivided into smaller lots. Currently, the land is occupied by trees and playground equipment. 

"There's just a little bit of the playground equipment that would have to be moved," Barker said. "Very little."

The redevelopment agency discussed whether it would be possible, and if developing the land would be detrimental to views of the lake. 

"How close would it be to the water with wetlands?" asked Mayor Harry Robbins, who serves as redevelopment agency chairman. Certain state Department of Environmental Protection rules outline what land near fresh water can be developed and how much of a buffer is required between the water and construction. Barker said that other areas surrounding the lake already have been built upon so environmental concerns may not be a problem.

Borough attorney Sean Gertner advised the agency that it needs to check the history of the land.

"You have to check to see how it was acquired," said Gertner, who added that Lakehurst may not be able to sell the land if the borough came to possess it through funding from the state's Green Acres Program.

"It's worth looking into," said agency member Glenn McComas, though he added that development could take away one of the few views of the lake from Union Avenue. 

The agency voted to authorize Barker to do a sketch and, if the agency wants to move forward, a recommendation would be made to the governing body to complete a title search of the land. 

Barker said that he would prepare a sketch and do some preliminary investigation into the ownership history of the property which will be completed for the redevelopment agency's March regular meeting. 

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