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TJB WebMedia: A New NJ Web Design & SEO Company

Need a Website and/or SEO? We are a team of NJ small business website design and local search engine optimization (SEO) experts who create awesome looking web sites for any kind of small or medium sized business, church or non-profit. Whether a lawyer, doctor, florist or corner coffee shop owner, it is essential today for local business owners to have a small business website company that designs web solutions that not only look beautiful and are a snap to maintain, but sites that also produce sales and/or clients.

Why do I say this? The fact is over 85% of potential customers go online researching for products and services first before ever visiting local places of business in person to make a purchase or hire a service.  If your small business site is not ranking high in the search engines of Google,Yahoo or Bing, you are missing out.  Plus, in this shrinking and competitive economy it's even more imperative than ever for your small business website to attract new customers while retaining current clients.  This is exactly why  you need a small business web design company like TJB Web Media.

Our NJ Small Business Web Design Mission

1.    At our NJ small business website firm, it is our mission as small business web designers is to create professional, mobile ready, custom small business web sites with marketing in mind, and at the most affordable prices available!    With TJB you also get unlimited pages and all those 21st century features (podcast, video, docs, portfolio, etc) you just need to have on your New Jerysey small business web site.

2.     As a small business owner we know you want to concentrate on running your business, and not spend tons of time updating and maintaining your small business website. That's why we custom design small business sites using Wordpress and Joomla, easy to use content management systems (CMS) that provides you the ability to add content and update your small business site with  just a few clicks of a mouse.  Want to make a podcast, embed video and social media? No problem.   TJB offers free tutorials and tech support thru its monthly hosting package, and works behind the scenes making sure your small business web site  is up to date and running at all times.

3.    Finally, what good is having the best looking small business web site unless you are getting lots of traffic and customers from that site? The sad truth is that many small businesses pay thousands of dollars for a professional small business web site designer but get little to no traffic! The reason for this problem is that those small business websites do not rank high up in the of search results of the top 3 search engines of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Remember, traffic equals clients and that means more business for you! At TJB Web Media, we know what we are doing when it comes to local search engine optimization (SEO), and can help get your small business web site listed high up enough in the search rankings so potential clients and customer can find you.

Need some proof that we know how to build top small business websites with marketing in mind?  Check this out: Oasis-Church-NJ.com is a web site designed by TJB Web Media for our church in New Jersey.  This web site gets over 100,000 targeted visitors per month! It has thousands of people from almost 200 countries listening to podcasts every week, and this search engine optimized church web site has attracted over 600 guests to come to the church over the past year! Imagine what your business could look like with local SEO optimized small business web design solutions?

Small Business Web Design & NJ Local Search Engine Optimization

So what's the secret?  Oasis Church had TJB web media design a high quality affordable small business web site, and optimized it for search engines. The site now ranks on the first page of Google for hundreds of keyword phrases people looking for a church would use.  A few of those key words would be "NJ contemporary church", "NJ Church"," Contemporary Christian church" and "NJ contemporary Christian church". Do a Google search for yourself of any of these key terms, and notice the results. Oasis-Church-NJ.com is always on the first page. On "NJ Church", we rank #1 out of millions of results that Google returned:

Keep in mind that Google displays millions of results for all these key terms, and the site built by us ranks #1 or #2 worldwide on all of them! We can help develop and market your small business web site as well!

Still not convinced? We also web designed the Oasis Church singles blog, Christian-Dating-Service-Plus.com. This web site affiliates with online dating service called eHarmony. LOL, you've probably heard of  eHarmony  from commercials on the TV and Radio. So do a Yahoo! or Bing search for "eHarmony Dating Service",  and you will notice that Christian-dating-service-plus.com ranks #1 in the world  out of millions of  results shown. Not only is it #1, but it is even ranked higher than eHarmony's own login/tour page! As we said before, many  small business web designers can build a  nice site, but most CANNOT do the SEO that we do.

Think about it: If we can rank high on such highly competitive key phrases as "eHarmony Dating Service",  just think what we could do for your local small business website, which has much less competitive search terms?  Imagine what increased traffic to your site will do for your small  business?  Make no mistake about it: Increased Traffic=More Potential Customers=Increase Sales. Your small business web site is your  21st Century business card to the world. 

Over all, at TJB Web Media we design and maintain professional and beautiful small business websites, and offer local small business SEO marketing solutions that allows for your small business website to be easily picked up by search engines. If you are serious about using the Internet to expand your small business' clientele, feel free to contact us through this form or call 732-406-7821 to take the next step. One of our staff will get back to you shortly to discuss your needs and give you a small business website and local SEO pricing quote.

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