Jul 30, 2014
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Corzine Coming To Green Day Fair Today

The Governor is scheduled visit the event in Memorial Park from noon to 1 p.m.

Corzine Coming To Green Day Fair Today Corzine Coming To Green Day Fair Today Corzine Coming To Green Day Fair Today

Governor Jon Corzine must have enjoyed his time in Maplewood last week. He can’t stay out of the township now; Corzine is coming back this weekend for Maplewood’s Green Day fair.

Corzine is scheduled to be at the fair from noon to 1:00 pm and address the crowd from center stage. Maplewood Deputy Mayor Fred Profeta, who was instrumental in organizing the event, invited Corzine, and said that the Governor's attendance speaks well of the Green Day Fair.

“It’s a real indication of the importance of the event,” Profeta said.

Judging from attendance at previous Green Days, organizers expect the fair to attract about 4,000 people. In addition to Corzine’s speech, features include a 40-foot tall rock-climbing wall, environment-themed children’s activities (including an animal trivia game hosted by Profeta), several workshop symposiums on topics like green building, energy efficiency at home and backyard composting.

“Based on the record turn-out and momentum generated from the first two fairs, we look forward to this event and know that our message is really resonating with the community,” Profeta said in a statement.

The event has two main themes: food and alternative vehicles. In support of the second theme, a variety of vehicles will be displayed (and possibly offered for test drives), including low speed vehicles and a battery-powered Minicooper owned by local residents.

New this year, the event will host green cinema with a special screening of the movies "Fresh" and "Who Killed the Electric Car" in the main room at Town Hall.  A post-movie discussion entitled “Separating Fact from Fiction” is planned with David Turock, director of the Lightning Rod Roundation, an organization that promotes environmentally friendly vehicles and environmental activist Anne Marie Treger.

UPDATE: In an effort to provide balanced coverage, Patch checked with Chris Christie's press office to see if the Republican candidate for governor will be in the area today. Mr. Christie's office reports that he will not be in Essex County today.

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