23 Aug 2014
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What's With the Circles?

Amity-Unity-Infinity Community Installation Project will culminate on July 4 in Memorial Park. Right now, it's on a lawn near you.

What's With the Circles? What's With the Circles?

Competing with this season's flock of migrating , circular hoops on poles have been sprouting up on lawns around Maplewood.

Sometimes alone, often in groups of three — colored red, white and blue — the hoops have prompted some creative speculation.

Is it the work of a local coven? Are they Quidditch goals or giant bubble wands?

None of the above.

The poles are the brainchild of local artist Benjamin John Kaufman who annually plans a large-scale public art project for the town's 4th of July celebration in Memorial Park (check out the and the ).

Residents can contact Kaufman or visit on Saturday mornings to collect their hoops free of charge. The idea is to take them home and create some art to fill the hoops. One resident said she has seen everything from canvas to crochet to fabric inside some of the hoops (check out Copihue's great photos on MaplewoodOnline).

On July 4, community members are to bring the hoops from their front lawns to Memorial Park for the big installation.

The project is jointly sponsored by and the Maplewood VFW.

If you would like to participate in the project, call 1978 at 973-763-2536 or send an e-mail to Kaufman at bjohnk1@comcast.net. Participation is free.

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