Jul 29, 2014

Colts Neck 2013 Recycling Schedule

Residents are also reminded not to put out multiple loads of brush from Hurricane Sandy.

Colts Neck 2013 Recycling Schedule

Colts Neck Township has released the 2013 Recycling collection schedule, available on the township website and attached to this article. 

Acceptable materials:

  • Plastics: please remove bottle caps and rinse out bottles. Plastic bags, plastic toys and unlabeled plastics are not accepted.
  • Glass: please remove camps and rinse out bottles and jars. Light bulbs, glassware, ceramics and window glass pieces are not accepted.
  • Aluminum/tin/steel: Do not include aluminum foil or tin trays, pie plates or cookware.
  • Paper: includes cardboard, paperboard, chipboard, mixed paper, officer paper, brown bags, cereal boxes, beer/soda cartons. Paper that has come into direct contact with food, such as pizza boxes, is not acceptable.

Please see the annual recycling letter for more information about acceptable items.

Garbage containers and recycling bins should be placed curbside the night before your pickup date.


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