Jul 30, 2014
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Time's Up: Are Your Lights Back On?

The magical stroke of midnight has come, and for many residents so has another broken promise of power.

Time's Up: Are Your Lights Back On?

According to the spreadsheets, and the assurances of the Governor himself, all of Mendham and Chester should be restored to service by 11:59 p.m. on Nov. 11.

However, according to the latest outage map, the utility has less than five customers out of service in Mendham Borough, and less than five out in Mendham Township. Chester still has 104 homes without power.

In a statement, JCP&L said they have restored service to 99 percent of the customers affected by Hurricane Sandy and the recent nor'easter.

"We expect to achieve full restoration tonight, with the exception of customers in the barrier islands and shoreline areas, where we continue to work with federal, state and local officials on a plan to rebuild our infrastructure and return those customers to service."

Chester Township Mayor Bill Cogger, whose constituents are heavily affected said the 99 percent number was false.

"People get irate when you say that," Cogger said. "Especially if all of those areas have been restored, why don't we see that manpower distributed here?"

Cogger said he has been giving details like pole numbers to JCP&L officials, who are clueless as to where the outages are.

"The PSE&G folks seem to get it right," Cogger said. "And yet here is a company, JCP&L, that every quarter pays dividends while its infrastructure rots. There is no reason for these polls to go down if properly maintained unless a tree falls on them."

For his part, Cogger was most upset with the public being mislead.

"No one was asking for the impossible," Cogger said. "Just tell the truth. And if you don't know, say you don't know."

So was your home graced by the magical midnight power fairy? Sound off in our comments below. Tell us when you were restored or if you are still in the dark.

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