Jul 28, 2014

Local, Raw, Unheated delicious Honey

Local, Raw, Unheated delicious Honey

Do you eat Raw, Local Honey? If not you should, Raw Honey especially when harvested locally provides many health benefits.
Please visit and like my FB Page today https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nurs-Honey-Spot/178260962378152?ref=hl. Order a jar of Local, Raw, Unheated Honey and support Woman owned small business in Middletown. 1 jar of 1lb. Wildflower Honey is $11.00 get yours while supplies last. You can also check out other natural products we have and the beautiful array of scarves.

You can also email me at: nurshoneyspot@comcast.net

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bee healthy
Umm Junaid (North End in Middletown)

To learn more about the consumption of LOCAL, RAW HONEY go to Live Stron's Web Site and see for yourself: http://www.livestrong.com/article/266247-benefits-of-local-raw-honey/

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