Jul 28, 2014

If Sunk, What's to Replace Swim Club?

A sale would mean that only a recreational facility could take its place.

If Sunk, What's to Replace Swim Club? If Sunk, What's to Replace Swim Club?

While officials have said that the sale of the is not a sure thing, an ordinance authorizing its sale has been introduced and rumors about what will end up on the site are swirling.

One rumor of an ice rink taking the club’s place was debunked in January. Another of a residential development taking residence on the site was squelched.

The truth: Should the township-owned club end up being sold at public auction, , according to the ordinance, to allow for recreational use only on the site.

Still, a contingent of to save the club from that drowning fate. But, while officials have said they welcome their ideas and any offer to buy the club, no answer that has presented as feasible to them has surfaced yet.

There is a Facebook site dedicated to the cause of saving the club, aptly dubbed Save the Middletown Swim and Tennis Club. It now has 218 “likes.”

A statement on the page says, in part,

“… noting with just 10 years left on the bond service, the annual payment will reduce by $100,000.00 in just 5 years allowing the Middletown Swim and Tennis Club to run at a surplus of over $150,000 per year with an operating season only 80 days long. This is even before proposed cost-saving and added revenue plans that the SOS committee has prepared. It does not make any sense why the Township of Middletown should make such a hasty and abrupt decision without looking for solutions. The Township has mismanaged the club for the past 3-4 years and instead of taking the steps to correct their mistakes, they are now looking to sweep all of the problems under a rug. How can we let this happen to our community? Aren’t our children, seniors and families worth it?”

So, the Patch-posed question is: If the club ends up being sold, what sort of recreational venue would you like to see take its place? Use your imaginations.

Tell us in the comments section below. And remember that the use must be recreational. So, share your ideas for an alternate or, perhaps, mixed recreational use at the

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