Jul 28, 2014
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Fifth Graders Move Up From Elementary Schools

The fifth graders celebrated the end of their elementary school careers with a concert, and separate graduation ceremonies, parties, and clap-outs.

As the MHS Class of 2011 graduates from the high school, and the Class of 2015 moves up to become next year's freshman class, the elementary schools are saying goodbye to their own graduating classes.

The Class of 2018 has officially moved up from their respective elementary schools, where they have grown as students and individuals for the past six years, to Millburn Middle School, where all five fifth grade classes will come together.

The Fifth Grade began moving-up festivities with Field Day in late May, where  fifth graders from all five schools got to know each other through fun and competitive team games, where an overall spirit of teamwork brought the class together for the very first time.

The Fifth Grade also collaborated in the annual Fifth Grade Music Festival, held at the high school earlier this month. The combined Town-Wide Orchestra (consisting of fifth-grade string musicians from Deerfield, Glenwood, Hartshorn, South Mountain, and Wyoming), two combined Fifth Grade Bands (one from Deerfield and Glenwood, and another from Hartshorn, South Mountain, and Wyoming), and the combined Fifth Grade Chorus (all fifth grade singers) performed for their families in their future high school.

Conducting the fifth graders were district music teachers Adrienne Blossey, Judy Greenstone, and Marie Tracy (orchestra), Mary Jean Ippolito and Adrienne Blossey (band), and David Huneryager, Grace Johnson, Courtney Nelson, Meredith Rymer, and Erin Smith (chorus).

The respective elementary schools held moving-up ceremonies Thursday morning, as fifth graders received their diplomas from their classroom teachers and principal. Each ceremony had its own creative touch, with original songs, speeches, awards, and traditions.

The fifth grade classes also celebrated their promotion to the middle school in unique separate graduation celebrations. The fun parties allowed the separate fifth grade classes to have fun together as a class one last time, before combining with the other four elementary schools.

Finally, as class was dismissed Friday morning, students and parents at some  elementary schools "clapped out" the fifth graders, as they left the building for the last time, and officially became middle schoolers.

We wish the Class of 2018 best of luck, as they make the transition from elementary school to middle school.


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