Jul 28, 2014

Home Burglarized During the Day Wednesday

Homeowner was running errands and returned home to find home burglarized.

Home Burglarized During the Day Wednesday

A home on Old Short Hills Road was burglarized on Wednesday while the homeowner in and out doing errands.

The homeowner returned from errands around 10:20 a.m. and noticed the garage door and the door to the basement were opened, but she did not think much about it at the time as she thought perhaps she had left them opened, so she locked them and headed out to do make a run to the grocery store, according to a police report by Officer Hans Beyer.

About 40 minutes later, when she returned again, she noticed that numerous items of clothing had been removed from dresser drawers. She immediately left the house and called police.

Officers arrived and looked for suspects, including an officer with the Essex County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit, according to the report.

The homeowner also went through house and discovered that someone went through a box of important documents, stealing birth certificates, passports and insurance papers, Beyer reported. They also took a iPad with pictures on it and a coin collection.

A Patch reader with the moniker “Burglarized my home” commented on another crime story that his Short Hills home was burglarized this week - although it is not clear whether it was the same crime, this is the only burglary reported by police this week.

 “My home was burglarized in Short Hills this week in the middle of the day. Doors were locked. My wife and baby are usually home during the day but were out shopping when the burglary occurred. The thieves broke a window in the rear of the house. The home was ransacked and valuables were taken.

"I have lived in Short Hills since 1986 and scoffed at my wife's concerns about home invasion as a city fear. I am angry at the criminals, afraid for the safety of my family and unsure what I can do about it (installing a top notch alarm aside).”

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