Jul 28, 2014

JEOPARDY! Seeking Contestants Through Jan. 10

Trivia buffs, register for your shot at the first round of competition: the online quiz.

JEOPARDY! Seeking Contestants Through Jan. 10 JEOPARDY! Seeking Contestants Through Jan. 10


Are you bored at the lack of some stiff competition in Trivial Pursuit? Do you find bar Quizzo fails to meet your rigorous personal standards? Are you tired of shouting at the television and not winning money?

All that could change in a flash if you perform well enough on the entrance exam for America's preeminent quiz show, Jeopardy!, which is holding online tryouts through Thursday.

Hopefuls should register for their chance to compete at the show's website—but be warned. Most of the test times remaining are geared for folks in the Central and Western timezones, so if you want to play, you might have to stay up a little later.

Good luck, Westfielders! And in the meantime, why not burn a few minutes re-living some of the better moments in recent Saturday Night Live sketch comedy? 

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