Jul 28, 2014
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Manhole Work in Montclair This Week

Expect no parking signs to be placed in and around work areas throughout the week.

Manhole Work in Montclair This Week

The Montclair Water Bureau will begin work this week raising 123 manholes in the 16 areas of town listed below. 

Each area where manholes will be raised has “No Parking” signs posted citing the days when work should take place. 

The dates posted are approximate—more time will be required should issues arise or less time in the event that replacement work is completed ahead of schedule.

Water Bureau crews will move from one manhole to the next, removing signs as the work is completed.

  • Highland Avenue
  • Inwood Avenue
  • Park Street
  • Summit Avenue
  • Beverly Road/Morningside Avenue
  • Montclair Avenue
  • Forest Street/Walnut Street
  • South Willow Street
  • Maple Avenue/Lincoln Street
  • Marston Place/Pierson Place
  • Jefferson Place, Grenada Place, Hollywood Avenue, Willowmere Avenue
  • Virginia Avenue
  • Harrison Avenue
  • Wayside Place
  • Wildwood Avenue
  • Appleton Place and Burnside Avenue

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