23 Aug 2014
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BOE to Be Elected in November, No Budget Question

Board of Ed unanimously approved a resolution to make the switch.

BOE to Be Elected in November, No Budget Question

The on Tuesday unanimously approved a resolution to hold school elections in November.

The change means the school board will not need voter approval on budgets that stay within a state-mandated 2 percent cap.

Officials said more than 250 districts have made the switch since a new state law allowed towns to make the change as of a few weeks ago.

Board members' terms are automatically extended by several months until the next election, when candidates will appear on ballots with others seeking elected office in November.

Districts could switch back to April elections in four years.

By combining with other elections, more voters could end up casting ballots for school board candidates than have done so in the past, and towns would save money by not conducting a separate election.

Board President Dr. Karen Cortellino and that she believed it had enough support to pass.

"The checks and balances are in place," she said. "The budget is capped at 2 percent. We present year after a year a very responsible budget."

Towaco resident Truscha Quatrone asked whether changing the date meant the budget question had to be eliminated. Officials said that was the case.

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