Jul 29, 2014

Council Hears Amended Request for Christmas Decorations

The appearance committee cut its request from decorating for an additional 31 poles down to 10 Monday night.

Council Hears Amended Request for Christmas Decorations
The Moorestown Appearance Committee has reduced the amount of additional holiday decorations it’s asking for, as well as the amount of money it is seeking.

Neil Johnson, an alternate committee member, made the final request following a process that began in 2002 at Monday night’s council meeting at the high school.

Initially, the committee requested decorations for all 62 of the township’s utility poles on Main Street. PSE&G previously approved decorations for 31 of the poles.

The committee realizes decorating all the poles in town is unnecessary, and reduced its request.

“We just want to purchase decorations for 10 more poles, and spread them out through Main Street,” Johnson said. “The committee will get recommendations for which poles should receive decorations.”

Deputy Mayor Stacey Jordan reiterated her concern for replacing older decorations in other portions of the township, including around town hall.

The dollar amount would not exceed $6,000 for the additional poles. Johnson proposed using the same supplier who did the initial 31 poles, as their price has remained the same since 2002.

A representative from the Moorestown Business Association was in attendance and said he would ask the association if it had any interest in helping to shoulder the cost for the decorations when the group met next week.

However, Councilman Greg Newcomer cited a discussion he had with a member of the group earlier in the day, and indicated there wasn’t any interest in taking on any of the cost.

Mayor Christopher Chiacchio said he’d like to hear back from the association officially before making any decisions.

“If lights are that important to the business community, I believe some investment would be appropriate,” Township Manager Scott Carew said, adding he would also look into the possibility of grant money.

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