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Moorestown Man Competing in SafeAuto Jingle Contest

Help Andy Gurzynski achieve Internet fame by voting for his commercial jingle in SafeAuto's Do the Jingle contest.

Moorestown Man Competing in SafeAuto Jingle Contest

Andy Gurzynski may not be a rock star, but with some (alright, maybe a lot of) help, he could be an Internet star.

Gurzynski, of North Church Street, is one of more than 200 people competing in SafeAuto’s Do the Jingle competition. The contest invited musicians from across the country to “re-create, re-interpret or re-invent the famous SafeAuto Jingle,” according to the official contest website.

Though not a professional by any means—in his day job he's an IT professional—Gurzynski has been playing instruments for years, namely string. He started with a guitar a while back, and a few years ago picked up a ukulele.

He started playing primarily as a creative outlet, a way to flex his right-brain muscles away from his mostly left-brain profession.

“Sometimes it can get pretty intense,” Gurzynski said of his IT work, “and you have to back away from it.”

Though he insists he has “no delusions of grandeur,” Gurzynski said he’s written a couple original songs, and performs a number of covers—some of which he’s posted on a private YouTube account for family and friends.

He heard about the Jingle competition in a commercial last fall and, within a couple weeks, had written and recorded his submission. Gurzynski’s number, a little ditty extolling the virtues of SafeAuto insurance, is bookended by whistling, which he joked “is highly reminiscent of the 'Pipes of Pan'.”

He also advised that while watching the video, viewers should have their computer volume “turned up to 11.”

If you’ve never seen the film This is Spinal Tap, the abovementioned jokes may go over your head, but Gurzynski included them to emphasize the tongue-in-cheekiness of the endeavor.

Gurzynski’s up to 811 votes, putting him in 88th place (out of 213), while the contestant in 1st has 24,274 votes. He chalks it up to his woeful social media presence: “What I don’t have is the massive Facebook presence the other submissions have.”

“It’s supposed to be good, clean fun, and it is,” he said.

Nonetheless, Gurzynski said if he does win the $5,000 grand prize, he’ll throw a huge party, and “anyone who can prove they voted for me can attend—with a minimal cover charge” (another joke).

The grand prize winner will also be featured in a SafeAuto commercial. SafeAuto will name nine other winners as well.

To watch Gurzynski’s video and show your support, go here: http://www.safeauto.com/DoTheJingle/Video/Nasty_Habits. The contest ends at midnight on Feb. 28.

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