23 Aug 2014
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Welcome in the New Year with Darla

This pet profile is courtesy of the Burlington County Animal Shelter.

Welcome in the New Year with Darla Welcome in the New Year with Darla Welcome in the New Year with Darla Welcome in the New Year with Darla

Well, Darla is just plain darlin’! 

Darla is under 2 years old, is a lovely red brindle, has a cute floppy ear, and weighs about 35 pounds. She’s very people-oriented, gives kisses and loves attention. 

Darla is also food-motivated, so she will be easy to train using positive training methods. She caught on to the "sit for a treat" game quickly. She needs leash training and a beginner obedience class would help her learn the basics of good behavior. 

This is a sweet, active dog that should fit well into just about any family willing to train her and give her plenty of exercise and games. She's probably a bit too bouncy for small kids but she should be fine with older ones. Our volunteers report she now knows sit and just loves to cuddle. She’s a real love that deserves a new family to take care of her.   

Darla is a member of our Pooch With Perks Program. When you adopt, you will receive a doggie goodie bag donated by the Friends of Burlington County Animal Shelter. Included in the bag is a certificate for free microchipping for your new best friend. 

Refer to her number D-50456 when contacting the shelter at 609-265-5073.

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