23 Aug 2014
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Make Your Own Family Tree in Morristown

Chart your family history at the Morristown & Morris Township Library.

Make Your Own Family Tree in Morristown
Turn your family data into a beautiful family tree at the Morristown & Morris Township Library Tuesday. 

Staff in the Library’s North Jersey History & Genealogy Center Tuesday will present this free craft program to help participants create a lovely genealogy chart of their ancestors. Registrants should bring a fairly complete family chart to the class, as the information will need to be completed ahead of time since the workshop involves assembly only.  Some cutting and pasting will be required. 

For participants who are new to family research, the staff in the History Center can be of help in discovering more about each persons’ family history in order to create a dynamic family chart.

Interested persons should contact the History Center via e-mail or by phone (973-538-3473) to register and to discuss his/her family chart.

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