23 Aug 2014
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5 Things We'll Miss About Greenberry's

It's about the people, the place, the egg white turkey breakfast burritos.

5 Things We'll Miss About Greenberry's

A moment of silence, please.

Yes, a lot of businesses come and go. That's just the way it is. But, when we found out , effective the end of business Tuesday, it hit us a lot harder than perhaps other businesses in town. Here's why:

  1. You Need to Know About Variety: Look, we're not going to say "Damn you, " and call it a day. We go there. We also go to , , heck, even sometimes. And, we went to . As Morristown Patch essentially has a floating office wherever a wifi connection is available, we've lost one of our offices today. That's sad.
  2. You Need to Know About the People: This falls under "variety," as well. When you spend enough time at a place, you get to know the people that work and patronize that place on a regular basis. We're looking at that, as well. We're going to miss Lindsay, Theresa, Vic and the others. And, we hope they can find jobs quickly, and in town, so we'll see them again soon.
  3. You Need to Know About the Coffee: Once more, variety. Again, we like Starbucks coffee. Sorry if that offends anyone. But, we also love Zebu Forno's coffee, SmartWorld's and Greenberry's. Depending on our mood (or, which one was closest at the time), a cup of coffee from one of those places was just perfect.
  4. You Need to Know About the Location: During warmer months, it was great to sit out in front of the shop, or sit right at the windows and look over at the Green. Starbucks has that, too, but we just really liked the angle. Plus, Greenberry's was there first ().
  5. You Need to Know About the Egg White Turkey Breakfast Burrito: This is the one that stings the most. If there was anything we ordered that could be considered a "regular," this was it. Always with hot sauce on the side. R.I.P., you delicious thing.

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