Jul 29, 2014

Parklet Pop-Up Workshop in Morristown Tuesday

Share ideas on how to transform a parking spot into a community space.

Parklet Pop-Up Workshop in Morristown Tuesday

No matter which way you slice it, parking is on the minds of residents in Morristown. Whether it is  residents cars being towed, or  a longstanding garage coming down it is something that affects both residents and visitors. Also on the minds of residents and visitors are ways in which to maximize the finite amount of space available in Morristown.

One group wants to take the parking in Morristown and turn it on its ear by creating parklets. What are parklets, you say? You can find out for yourself on Tuesday and read below for more details.

Parklets are installations of public seating, art, plants and other elements in the street along the curb, protected from traffic, in areas generally reserved for parking. They are places to gather, to eat and drink, to celebrate and create, to work, to play, and to build community. 

Morristown has  been working with its planners to develop a Master Plan that advances the resident-driven vision of Morristown as the most green, livable and sustainable town in New Jersey. 

Downtown Morristown is seeking new ways to accommodate residents and visitors in public spaces, and parklets are a one tool to accomplish this. Parklets support pedestrian activity, facilitate incorporation of public space and the arts into the downtown, and can help to promote local business activity.

Residents are invited to take a few minutes to stop by the pop-up workshop to learn about parklets and share ideas on how to transform a parking spot into a fun and creative community space.

The Town of Morristown, Sustainable Morristown, Morris Arts and Together North Jersey will host this walk-in session at the storefront at 18 N Park Place from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. Light refreshments will be provided.

For more information on Together North Jersey, please visit http://www.togethernorthjersey.com or contact Miriam Salerno at miriam.salerno@ejb.rutgers.edu.

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