Jul 29, 2014

Morristown Residents Spend Nearly 25 Minutes Commuting, Data Shows

Census data shows average travel time to work by ZIP code.

Morristown Residents Spend Nearly 25 Minutes Commuting, Data Shows

Morristown residents who commute to work take, on average, 24.8 minutes to get there, give or take 1.2 minutes.

That's according to 5-year estimates from the 2011 U.S. Census American Community Survey. The national average is 25.4 minutes.

Morristown residents' average 24.8-minute journey to work compares to 30 minutes in Madison, 28 minutes in Florham Park and 30.2 minutes in Morris Plains. WNYC mapped the data.

Various ways of commuting have been explored in Morristown. A "commuter challenge" designed to highlight sustainable modes of transportation found in its inaugural year that, with three competitors starting at the Madison Train Station using different modes of transportation to get to Hyatt Morristown, the winner was an attorney who hopped on the train with a folding bicycle and then pedaled to the hotel. It took him 12 minutes. He was followed by a commuter who took an electric car and a commuter who rode a bicycle the whole way.

The event was organized by Marty's Reliable Cycle and TransOptions. TransOptions says on its website the idea that most eastbound commuters go to Manhattan is a myth.

"According to U.S. Census data, over 138,000 commuters in Morris County work within the county's borders," the nonprofit transportation management association says. "Over 25,000 work in Essex County, over 12,000 in Bergen County, and roughly 11,500 in Manhattan (4.8 percent of commuters)."

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