Jul 26, 2014
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Leafy Problem!

Leafy Problem!
Looking out at my yard this morning and I was struck by one thought. Man my neighbors must hate me. Leaves still cover the grass in my front yard and all over my driveway. I still have weeds and dead stalks in my garden. I have seen my neighbors look at my yard and shake their heads. Don't be like me. Not when you can visit Power Place Inc. and get all the lawn equipment you need to have a beautiful, well kept lawn. From power blowers that really move the leaves, vacuums that suck them up and tillers to turn the stalks and weeds under in your garden. Power Place has it all. Ready to Go. Just visit them at one of their locations. 319 Route 46, Rockaway or 297 Route 22 E, Whitehouse, NJ. Their friendly staff will help you find the perfect equipment for you. Stop in Today!

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