Jul 26, 2014
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Property Tax Amnesty Ending Thursday

Program set up to aid victims of Hurricane Sandy

Property Tax Amnesty Ending Thursday

The City of Newark’s 2012 property tax amnesty program ends Thursday, Jan. 31, business administrator Julien X. Neals announced.

The program was established to assist struggling property owners who are in arrears on last year’s property taxes, by canceling interest and penalties on payments made in full during this period. The amnesty is being offered to assist taxpayers whose properties were damaged by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012.
During this amnesty period, any resident who pays overdue real estate or special taxes for 2013 will not have to pay the penalties and interest associated with those bills. Payments must be made for the entire delinquent period, and by “certified funds only.” All payments postmarked after January 31, or for years preceding 2012, will be assessed interest and penalties as mandated by law without regard to the Amnesty Program. Payments will only be accepted in these forms: certified bank funds, cash, bank money orders and credit and debit cards. 

For more information on the Tax Amnesty Program, please call the following phone numbers:
Customer Service: (973) 733-3962, 3792, 3960, 3791, 3963, 6338
Lien Unit: (973) 733-6338, 3963, 3875
Tax Abatement: (973) 733-5938 or (973) 424-4470, 4180


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