Jul 28, 2014

New Brunswick Looks to Fill Open Commission Seats

Seats are open in 2013 on 16 boards and commissions in the city.

New Brunswick Looks to Fill Open Commission Seats

The City of New Brunswick is looking for new commissioners to fill vacancies on multiple appointed boards and commissions.

The following Appointed Boards and Commissions are seeking individuals to fill seats for 2013: the Zoning Board of Adjustment, Planning Board, Cable Television Advisory Committee, City Recreation Committee, New Brunswick Community Arts Council, New Brunswick Board of Education, New Brunswick Environmental Commission, Historical Association, Human Relations Committee, Library Board of Trustees, Minority Business Enterprise Committee, Rent Control Board, Construction Board of Appeals, Board of School Estimate, Senior Citizen Advisory Council and the Traffic Commission.

Commission members are volunteers who meet regularly throughout the year and work to improve the quality of life and give a civic voice to local government. They are expected to have a good understanding of the issues they are working to address. They are appointed by the Mayor and typically serve on the Board or Commission for one to three years.

Each board has its own requirements and qualifications. In many cases individuals looking to apply for vacant commission seats must be city residents or officers, but in some circumstances business owners or representatives having their principal offices in the city may apply.

Additional details are available in the “City Boards” on-line pamphlet posted on the municipal website: http://thecityofnewbrunswick.org/citycouncil/files/2012/03/Directory-of-Boards.pdf

All applicants are requested to provide a letter of intent and resume addressed to Mayor Jim Cahill either by fax at (732) 745-5009 or hand delivered to 78 Bayard St.

For more information contact City Clerk Daniel A. Torrisi at (732) 745-5040.

-Heather Fenyk, New Brunswick Environmental Commission Member

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