Jul 28, 2014
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Second Luring Incident Under Investigation in New Milford

A 10-year old girl and 7-year old boy allegedly approached near Faller Drive and River Road.

Second Luring Incident Under Investigation in New Milford

New Milford Police are investigating a second possible luring incident that occurred around 8:15 a.m. Thursday near Faller Drive and River Road.

According to Police Chief Frank Papapietro, a 10-year old female and her 7-year old brother reported that while walking to school a white male in a parked silver four-door sedan rolled down his window and tried to make conversation with them as they walked past, but they ran away.

Papapietro said that this incident came to light during a class discussion. While the teacher of the 10-year was talking to the class about the recent lurings, the girl reported what had happened to her on the way to school, he said. 

This incident occurred on the same day that a in a silver four-door sedan with a squared off front and rear design who asked her if she wanted a ride.

The victim of that incident described the driver as a white male in his mid-40's with a prominently large nose, Papapietro said. He was further described as having short brown hair, brown eyes, bushy eyebrows and a round face. He was wearing a black jacket.

"It was because the girl's teacher was informing her class about the need to practice safety and report anytime a stranger tries to engage them that this incident was brought to our attention," Papapietro said.

Although the cars described in both incidents are similar, Papapietro said that police are not ready to make a connection between the two at this time.

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