Jul 29, 2014

Ocean City, Atlantic County: Looking To 'Rebuild By Design?'

Ocean City, Atlantic County: Looking To 'Rebuild By Design?'

Written by HUD:

A "Rebuild By Design competition" has been launched by the Hurricane Sandy Task Force to promote resilience for the Sandy-affected region, including Ocean City and Atlantic County.

The goal of the competition is to promote innovation by developing solutions that increase resilience in the region, and to implement selected proposals with both public and private funding dedicated to this effort.

The competition also represents a policy innovation by committing to set aside HUD Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery funding specifically to incentivize implementation of winning projects and proposals.   http://www.rebuildbydesign.org

The design teams have been holding meetings locally to get feedback from municipalities and residents that they would incorporate in their designs. The teams will be announcing the results of what they learned on April 3rd, and the winner will be announced in April.

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