14 Sep 2014
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Patch Instagram photo by nrdavispeace
Patch Instagram photo by nrdavispeace
Patch Instagram photo by nrdavispeace
Patch Instagram photo by nrdavispeace

Little League World Series Run Ends for Par-Troy

California's home run in bottom of eighth inning halts Parsippany's successful summer run.

When the California home run flew over the fence at Lamade Stadium to start off the bottom of the eighth inning in Game 3 at the Little League World Series, the summer adventure of the came to a close.

Despite a tough, hard-fought battle, the Parsippany team finally was bested in extra innings by the All-Stars of Petaluma, Calif., 5-4.

But was there sorrow at the ? Not a chance.

"Let's hear it for Parsippany," shouted red-shirted Matt Palmieri, commissioner of the . 

Palmieri was answered by the patrons' wild, enthusiastic cheer for the boys who advanced far in the post-season by winning the , , and championships and a regional sportsmanship award, achieved the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of and made their town proud.

As tweeted quickly after the game: "The boys of PTLLE are coming home, but it took two extra innings to bring 'em down."

On Parsippany Patch's Facebook page, accolades rolled in the moment Game 3 of the World Series came to an end.

"So proud of the boys!" wrote Diana Friedman Cole. "Applauding them from Atlanta."

"They did an awesome job!" shared reader Crystal Ann. "Congrats on how far they made it. It's not every day that you get to make it to the Little League World Series and see yourself play on ESPN!"

"Great job, PTE!" said Lake Hiawatha resident Ellen Runne Petillo. "You made Parsippany very proud!"

"Congratulations to Par-Troy East players, coaches, and families," offered Joanne Bruggeman.

Those sentiments were echoed at the Towne Tavern.

James Torsiello had tears in his eyes.

"They did great," he said, wiping away the moisture. "Imagine: Eighth in the nation, all the way to the second round in the Little League World Series.

"These boys have nothing to hang their heads about."

Matt Palmieri, despite the defeat, wore a wide smile.

"This team deserves to be celebrated," he said.

And when they return home from Pennsylvania, the players, Manager Mike Ruggiero and the coaches will be honored.

Mayor James Barberio said there will be a township celebration next week to thank the Parsippany 11 for their hard work and for representing their hometown with grace both on and off the field.

Torsiello said Towne Tavern will host a pizza party soon for the team, and Palmieri said his fire company will bring out the hook-and-ladders and hoist flags to pay tribute to the All-Stars.

"These boys have made this town proud," said Torsiello. "We want them to know it."

At the end of the day, the Par-Troy Little League East All-Stars may have lost Monday's game, but residents say they are winners in the minds and hearts of the people in their town. 

Patch reader Linda Page Klecak may have spoken for many in her Facebook comment.

"So proud of these boys. [They are] CHAMPIONS."

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