Jul 28, 2014
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Patch Takes It Off 2013: New Year, New You

Interested in joining the challenge? Write to natalie.davis@patch.com.

Patch Takes It Off 2013: New Year, New You

"That's it—I'm going to lose weight." 

I hear that every year in early January. Heck, I say it every time the big ball in Times Square drops.

There's a reason "lose weight" is a perennial part of New Year's resolution lists. More than 60 percent of the nation's population is classified as overweight or obese. And being overweight can lead to a host of potentially deadly maladies ranging from stroke to heart disease to Type 2 diabetes.  

While it's easy to state the problem, solving it—taking off the pounds—is anything but simple, especially when one takes on the challenge alone. Resolve fails. Fatigue builds. Frustration can ensue.

This year, we want a different result. Hence, the return of our weight loss campaign first started in 2011: It's time for Patch Takes It Off 2013.

This Wednesday, your humble editor kicked off a personal weight loss and fitness effort consisting of a diet (started with a two-week cleanse and partial fast) and a three-day-a-week (at least) exercise effort at a local gym. My effort and those of area residents who have agreed to partner with me as Patch Takes It Off Warriors will be chronicled from week to week through March.

We want you to get involved in our quest to get fit and healthy. Join our effort and share your story as a PTIO Warrior.  We invite Parsippany Patch readers who want to lose weight and get fit for 2013 to become part of our virtual support group. Just send email to  natalie.davis@patch.com or call me at 908-230-62496 and we'll get you started. 

And even if you don't join, feel free to share your take-it-off efforts via a blog on Patch. Offer suggestions, give advice, tell us what has worked for you and what hasn't. Upload before and after photos or pics of you taking on new challenges like running marathons or doing a new kettlebell routine.

Consider Parsippany Patch's PTIO Warriors the ultimate weight-loss support group.

If you own a fitness-related Par-Troy business, get in touch to let the town know what you offer and present your tips for battling the bulge and increasing fitness.

Working with a goal and with solid information, inspiration, helpful tips and support can make weight loss a lot easier and a lot more likely to be successful. By working together, we have a better shot at becoming our best, healthiest selves.

So join me. I plan to be swimsuit ready by March. How about you? Let me know, and participate in Patch Takes It Off 2013. Together, we'll become stronger, healthier and more fit. And hopefully, thinner.

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