23 Aug 2014
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LAUREN'S LIFE: Life Is Precious; Enjoy It Now

Learn to appreciate the big and small, and the exciting and the mundane

LAUREN'S LIFE: Life Is Precious; Enjoy It Now

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things.

And as time goes on, and things in all of our lives change, many of us go through experiences that may give us a different view of life itself.

Sometimes it's small things; our beautiful son or daughter learns to ride a two-wheeler for the first time or can finally do the doggy paddle and doesn't need the swimmies anymore.

For others, it's a new job that we've been hoping for or went to school for all those years. It's signs that we know life will be different now, albeit just a little for now, but we are headed in a new direction.

Some of us have gone through things that were pretty major.  And don't get me wrong, my 3 daughters are my life and every tiny accomplishment they achieve to me is absolutely wonderful. They are all brilliant and beautiful.

It's just the older I get, and the more looking back at my life that I do, I realize that the most difficult time in my life - undergoing an operation to remove a benign brain tumor - was really a blessing in disguise.

I hadn't realized it at that exact time, but it was shortly after my arrival home from the hospital that I became well aware of just how precious life is.

From there I became stronger about what was important in life and what wasn't.  I learned how to toughen up and not to settle for things that were not acceptable for my girls or me.

It is all still a process in the works for me because it has just been three years, but during this time I have also learned just how incredibly important friends are.

There have been many tough times during these past few years when I was feeling pretty crummy.  Things started happening in my life that my instincts told me were leading to some major changes as time moved on.

It was during these rough times that friends, old and new, came to my rescue and let me know that all would be okay.  It's these friends who don't need explanations They're there for you if you just feel like crying or better yet, want to go and laugh really, really loud.

It's these special souls that to this day give me more and more strength to head down my path in life with my girls.  I combine that strength with my faith that life will be good and things will all play out the way they are supposed to.

And as things play out, and time moves on, we all have each other to enjoy the good times, help each other through the tough times, but in the meantime, know that this is life.

Every second we have here is a gift, and we all really have to try to look at life that way.

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