Jul 29, 2014
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District 11 Candidates Ready to Win in November

Read about the Democratic 11th District Candidates Running in November.

District 11 Candidates Ready to Win in November

Democratic Senate candidate Dr. Michael Brantley along with Assembly candidates Ed Zipprich and Kevin McMillan officially became the party’s candidates in the 11th Legislative District after being elected in Tuesday’s primary election. These candidates are very optimistic about their chances November 5th and look forward to reforming government in Trenton.

 Dr. Michael Brantley, 68, is the Deputy Mayor of Neptune and has a dental practice in Asbury Park. “The 11th District and all those affected by Superstorm Sandy need better representation in Trenton. I will work to ensure we receive support from our State government to rebuild and recover our businesses, our homes and our economy” said Brantley.

Ed Zipprich, 53, Councilman of Red Bank who sits on the board of trustees at the Count Basie Theater, the Borough Planning Board and serves as President of the NJ Stonewall Democrats said “Our State government needs to focus on what New Jersey residents really need- a growing economy with more businesses and more jobs. Let’s put New Jersey back to work.”

Kevin McMillan, 51, is a Neptune Councilman and works as a pharmaceutical sales rep. “New Jersey is becoming too expensive to live in for middle class families. We need to stop giving tax breaks to millionaires and start using the income tax to reduce property taxes and fund our schools. ”

To learn more about all three candidates and their plans to improve New Jersey government, please visit www.NJDistrict11.com.

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