19 Aug 2014
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"Is There Ever (Really) a Last Day of School" by Joanne S. Nadell, Esquire

"Is There Ever (Really) a Last Day of School" by Joanne S. Nadell, Esquire

Is there ever really a last day of school?

I saw a school bus go by this morning packed with rambunctious, happy and distracted kids full of glee as they headed off to their last day of school.

As a young girl, I remember living on the south shore of Long Island - just loving the sounds and smells of the start of summer and the end of school. The bright sunshine, hot pavement and the start of endless days welcomed me home.

When I was eleven years old, my family moved to upstate New York to live on a farm with a 100 acres and a rickety old house. After the culture shock lessened, I started to appreciate the beauty of the open fields, waving grasses and bucolic bovines. The end of school in the country means swimming in the pond, helping to bring in the hay and the fabulous anticipation of the annual county fair.

(On a side note, did I mention that I won Best of Show purple ribbons in 1975 for my lemon meringue pie from scratch and my footed one-piece pajamas?)

Although the last day of school was always memorable as a kid, I wonder if there truly is a "last day" for grown-ups?

Don't we all learn something new every day?

As I became an adult, I realized the value of education and have incorporated my love of learning into my collaborative journey. As a collaborative attorney since 2005, I have attended many trainings, seminars, educational workshops, conferences, etc. My colleagues and I continuously strive to master our new collaborative skills and to hone our ability to work as a team, rather than as gladiators. I always take away practice tips and resolution tools from every speaker and teacher that I meet.

Plus, I've read that always learning new ideas and concepts is good for the aging brain, so I intend to keep at it.

Nancy J. Cameron, Esquire of Vancouver, Canada, a pioneer and highly respected member of the Collaborative Community, has said, "One of the most difficult aspects of change is not learning new skills, but unlearning old ways of being." This is particularly true as old school legal professionals work to make the paradigm shift into a productive and effective collaborative team member.

For me, I don't think I'll ever really have a last day of school. But, I sure do miss the cotton candy at the fair.

About Joanne Nadell, Esquire

As a New Jersey divorce attorney who specialize in Mediation and Collaborative law, my goal is to assist you in taking control of your divorce and family matters by resolving your personal and financial disputes.

The best method for resolving these family disputes is to use self-determination, your own mind and goals to set the future for yourself, your soon-to-be-ex-spouse and your children.After twenty years of divorce and family litigation, I have had enough of litigation.

Mediation and Collaborative Law are truly the keys to resolving conflict and working out divorce and family issues without the delays and bureaucratic paperwork and deadlines associated with standard divorce litigation.

Families that want to save months of time, thousands of dollars and have a solution that both people agree with are just plain smart.

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