Jul 29, 2014
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Lice is NOT a sign of poor hygiene.

Catching head lice is not a sign of poor hygiene. It just means that one was unfortunate enough to get close to a source of lice. Lice do not hop or fly, but they do crawl from an infested person to someone else. Common ways to spread lice are by close contact during play and sleep overs, and sharing things such as hats, hairbrushes, towels and pillows.

Over-the-counter lice remedies are available; however, these treatments contain pesticides that can be harmful to your family.  In our treatment centers we have also found that lice have become resistant to the harmful chemicals in these products.  Our The Nit Nanny product line is all natural.

The best thing to do about head lice is to try to avoid them! Remind (Nag if you must!) them to keep there personal space as much as possible and by no means share brushes, combs, head gear or dress up clothes.  Girls, in particular, tend to share combs and brushes and try on each other’s headgear. This is a bad idea.

Don’t become a REAL nit-picker! Our West Long Branch Treatment Center can help you along with The Nit Nanny Products!

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