Jul 25, 2014
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Blend Nightclub Closes for Good

Nightclub on Chestnut St. in Ridgewood closed abruptly on Tuesday after negotiations to transfer the liquor license did not materialize, according to landlord Ed Sullivan.

Blend Nightclub Closes for Good

The second attempt at  has met the same ends as the first – the nightclub on Chestnut Street in Ridgewood has closed its doors permanently, landlord and co-owner Ed Sullivan confirmed Thursday morning.

According to Sullivan, his business partner, Zvia Barlev, and two others were looking to take full control of the revived nightclub and had been negotiating for the liquor license.

"They were going through that process and that didn't complete in a fashion that was sufficiently timely for both parties," he said. "Thus, their side made the decision to terminate discussions and accordingly I closed."

Blend remained dark on Wednesday, though there was no message on the door or the Facebook page alerting customers.

Blend filed for bankrupcy in 2008 and the previous owners reportedly owed creditors millions. Sullivan bought the liquor license in a bankrupcy auction but also received the lease and furniture. He promptly invested heavily in renovations and opened in 2009 with Barlev manning operations. The landlord declined to comment on the financial status of Blend.

Sullivan will retain the liquor license and is looking to fill the two-level 14,000 sq. ft. space with a new tenant. It's fitted for a restaurant and bar with catering elements, he said.

The closing of Blend will not affect the status of , Barlev's Italian restaurant in a Chestnut St. building also owned by Sullivan.

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